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11 things you could ask a bisexual person, but probably shouldn’t

Alexis Holt March 18, 2016
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Being bisexual can be exhausting – dealing with bi erasure, flak from straight and gay people alike, and all sorts of other issues – like stupid questions.

So here are a few questions you could ask a bisexual person if you wanted, but we’d strongly advise against it.

Why? Because bisexual people are people. They don’t want to have their lives deconstructed, prodded, poked and put under a microscope.

But if that doesn’t put you off… then here are some questions to ask bisexual people. (Don’t).

11.”Let’s be honest, bisexuality isn’t real is it?”


Nooo I’m a figment of you imagination *woooo ghost noise*

10.”But eventually you’ll choose to either be gay or straight?”

Girl nope

Nope. Nope. Nope.

9. “Really are you just being greedy… there will be nobody left!”


Yes. Greed. That’s what it is. I WILL HAVE EVERYONE.

8. “You must have a lot of group sex…”

Erm… not necessarily… Do you?

7. “Are you just confused?”

I’m confused about all of these questions!

6. “Okay so you’re just experimenting then?”

Nope – I like men and women. Not an experiment.

5. “A lot of gay people use bisexuality to test the waters when coming out, don’t they?”

Well it’s true that sometimes people do, but it doesn’t mean that bisexuality doesn’t exist… [SEE ABOVE]

4. But when you’re dating a man/woman, you become gay or straight, right?

No… still bisexual.

3. But you’d be in a gay relationship or a straight relationship wouldn’t you?

It could be described like that… but STILL BISEXUAL.

2. “So being bisexual must mean you have a lot of fun times, wink wink, nudge nudge?”

Again… just because I like men and women doesn’t necessarily mean that I have TWICE as much sex… And bisexuals still have their hearts broken!

1. “Come on, now that we’re friends… which are you really?”

Just. Stop.

On second thoughts – definitely don’t ask a bisexual person any of these questions…

Click here for the PinkNews guide to everything which is definitely, 100% really true about bisexual people…

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