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The woman who said Obama was a “gay prostitute” is at it again

Bobby Rae March 11, 2016
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A controversial candidate in the upcoming run off for the Texas State Board of Education has taken to social media to rant about an article following Super Tuesday.

Mary Lou Bruner, who won 48% of the vote in the state’s primary to become the nominee for the GOP, has hit out at conservative news website, Breitbart, because they didn’t print every single word of her 1,671 word interview.

Mary Lou Bruner,

In response, she has published the entire interview on her Facebook page as well as reporter, Merrill Hope’s private mobile phone number.

Bruner, who has received widespread media attention for her deeply rooted religious views, believes that baby dinosaurs were on board Noah’s Ark and that Obama worked as a gay prostitute because he supported marriage equality.

The candidate has already told reporters that as part of her campaign she plans to make it compulsory for creationism to be taught equally with evolution and advocates it is only a “theory”.

In the interview, that took place over email, Bruner said that science books should tell the truth.

“As for my personal beliefs as to how the universe was formed, scientists have forced us to say creation is religion and evolution is science even though both “THEORIES” deal with the same topic – how the earth and the universe were formed,” she said.

“Personally I would like science classes to explore the strengths and weaknesses of several theories including creation, intelligent design, and evolution.

“But since government scientists insist that evolution is the only theory which can be taught in public school, evolution should be taught as a THEORY and not as a LAW like the Law of Gravity.”

Bruner faces a run-off with fellow GOP candidate, Keven Ellis, on May 24 and if she wins this will go head-to-head with Democratic opponent, Amanda Rudolph.

Whoever wins is likely to have an influential role in shaping education policy in East Texas, as well as statewide.

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