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Gay UKIP candidate claimed all feminists are ‘vile man-hating c**ts’

Nick Duffy March 11, 2016
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A gay UKIP candidate says he “regrets” his tone, after he sent tweets claiming that all feminists are ‘man hating c**ts’.

Alex Nierora is the party’s candidate for Ealing and Hillingdon on the Greater London Assembly, ahead of the election on May 5.

The candidate – who is vocal within the party’s LGBT group despite previouslyopposing equal marriage – has spoken out to defend himself after he was caught referring to feminists as “c**ts”.

In the since-deleted tweet, sent in December, he claimed: “all feminists I have spoken to on here [Twitter] are man hating c**ts who think its ok to spread vile hate against men”, before asking: “are you even aware of how destructive feminism is?”
Gay UKIP candidate claimed all feminists are ‘vile man-hating c**ts’

The candidate said he regrets implying he was referring to all feminists, and says he was actually talking about the controversial hashtag “#killallwhitemen”.

PinkNews found numerous records of Mr Nierora, who previously stood to become a councillor in 2014, getting in spats with strangers via Twitter.

He told a Muslim woman to “die and f**k off” after she claimed a cartoon was racist, branded Green Party members “aggressive fascist dictatorship supporting c**ts” over Natalie Bennett’s stance on ISIS, and told the Independent newspaper to “f**k off” for posting a story critical of his party leader.
Gay UKIP candidate claimed all feminists are ‘vile man-hating c**ts’
Gay UKIP candidate claimed all feminists are ‘vile man-hating c**ts’
Gay UKIP candidate claimed all feminists are ‘vile man-hating c**ts’
When contacted by PinkNews, Mr Nierora requested a “positive story” be written about him instead, explaining the feminism comments are not “print worthy”.

Speaking previously to GetWestLondon, the candidate explained: “I was responding to the hashtag #killallwhitemen started and promulgated by now ex Goldsmiths University Students’ Union Bahar Mustafa and a group of feminists who were defending what she tweeted.

“I felt Ms Mustafa’s hashtag to be racist, sexist and extremely offensive and the fact that some feminists on Twitter were defending her was reprehensible.

“While I regret the tone of my tweet I remain extremely concerned about the militant and aggressive nature of third wave feminists towards men.

“I would also like to apologise if I have caused any offence to feminists in general which is unintentional.

“I was responding to particular individuals who were themselves being provocative and aggressive. I fully support those who simply seek equal rights between men and women.”

Mr Nierora suggested that PinkNews write about “me as a gay UKIP candidate opposing TTIP – the EU-US trade deal that threatens the NHS and British public services, or my opposition to Heathrow expansion or Ealing Hospital A&E and maternity unit closures.”

He added: “There might be something to run with there.”

The news comes after leaked internal UKIP documents last month suggested that the party last year identified dozens of candidates with racist, homophobic or violent pasts during vetting – many of whom were allowed to remain as candidates.

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