A Labour parliamentarian has been accused of bullying one of her senior aides because she came out as a lesbian.

Swansea East MP, Carolyn Harris, is reported to have grabbed and pulled on Jenny Lee Clarke’s hair and allegedly told her she was wearing ‘dyke shoes’.

The former office manager also claims that Ms Harris asked her about what she did with her partner in bed.

Ms Clarke is currently pursuing an employment case against the MP, which is reported to have happened before she won the Swansea seat in the General Election last year.

It is alleged that in November 2014, Ms Harris grabbed hold of Ms Clarke’s hair and began pulling it as part of a wider bullying campaign.

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“It was horrible, she kept pulling and pulling,” the mother-of-one told The Sun.

“I think that my sexuality was the main reason for the attack.”

Councillor Paulette Smith, who claims to be a witness to the assault, said: “I saw Carolyn pulling her hair.

“I thought she’s gone mad.”

Ms Clarke alleges she was required to take five weeks off as she struggled to get over the shock and pain of the attack.

She also claims that she was offered a new job if she forgot about the incident.

Ms Harris has said the allegation is “manufactured” and that Ms Clarke was sacked for “gross misconduct”.

A Labour spokesman added: “Carolyn vigorously denies this allegation. It is town hall politics from a little place in South Wales.

“It’s a nest of vipers.”

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