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Republican chair: Hillary is an ‘angry bull dyke’ and George Bush ‘can suck a d**k better than her’

Nick Duffy March 3, 2016

The chair of a local Republican Party party has caused controversy with an insane homophobic Twitter rant.

Robert Morrow was recently elected chair of the Republican Party in Travis County, Texas with 54 percent of the vote.

However, he has attracted attention for his rather, er, eccentric Twitter feed.

The Republican appears to spend most of his time posting homophobic and libellous comments about national politicians, targeting George W Bush, former Texas governor Rick Perry, Barack Obama, and Bill and Hillary Clinton.

He has posted homophobic messages about a number of the politicians, claiming Perry is an “addicted homosexual”, while George W Bush is a “closet homo” who “can suck a d**k better than Hillary”.

It doesn’t stop there – Barack Obama is also apparently having sex with a “gay prostitute” – which is a claim made by another Texas Republican last week.

Awkwardly, despite the national embarrassment, Morrow insists nothing can be done to remove him from the post.

He joked: “If I do not complete my term as Chair of the Travis Republican Party, it is because I will be Secretary of Sensitivity Training in a Trump Administration”.

The Republican told the Texas Tribune: “The people have spoken. My friends and neighbors and political supporters — they wanted Robert Morrow.”

However, many inside the party have said they will openly conspire to make sure that Morrow is removed from office.

Vice chair Matt Mackowiak said: “We will explore every single option that exists, whether it be persuading him to resign, trying to force him to resign, constraining his power, removing his ability to spend money or resisting any attempt for him to access data or our social media account.

“I’m treating this as a coup and as a hostile takeover.”

However, the outspoken candidate doesn’t necessarily agree with that.

He told the newspaper: “Tell them they can go f**k themselves.”

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