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This business exec probably regrets sending homophobic hate mail using his real name

Nick Duffy February 26, 2016
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A real estate magnate who sent horrific homophobic hate mail to journalists is probably regretting doing so, after an online backlash.

The Australian Prime Minister recently ordered an ‘investigation’ into an education anti-bullying initiative, after pressure from right-wing backbenchers

The Safe Schools program was set up by the former Labor government – but anti-gay Christian groups claim it is “dangerous” and “brainwashing” students on LGBT rights.

However, when The Age reporter Jill Stark wrote an article about the initiative, she was shocked by one of the messages she got.

The message, from Gold Coast real estate agent Denis Mulheron – owner of Sunstate Property Group – contained a number of homophobic slurs and even more offensive spelling errors.

So Ms Stark did exactly what anyone else would do… she published it.
This business exec probably regrets sending homophobic hate mail using his real name
She took to Twitter to share the message, joking: “Some spectacular hate mail on Safe Schools. I wonder how many people would buy a house form a man with these views?”

The message reads: “Do you not inderstand [sic] this is how poofters and dykes kept bringing vunarable [sic] young children into there unnatural way of life [sic].

“They should seek a cure for their mental illness poofterism should still be illegal a man sticks his cock in another mans [sic] ass.

“There is a movement to make out pooferism [sic] is normal same as the medibank add [sic] I have written a letter of protest , We nned [sic] to get back to normal family values .

“Strange how the poofs and Muslims are trying to take over but in muslim [sic] countries being a faggot is the death penalty.”

Fergus Hunter of the Sydney Morning Herald also spoke out about the estate agent’s homophobic messages.

He shared an email from Mulheron which reads: “You see the problem is faggots are trying to force their unnatural perverted lifestyle on to normal people by indoctrinating vunarable[sic] same as the disgusting medibank add[sic] showing dykes and poofs kissing.”

Since the incident, Sunstate Property Group has been deluged with messages urging them to drop Mulheron – while other long-time customers also shared their disgust.

The company appears to have now closed its social media pages and website due to the outcry.

According to the Mail, Mulheron will “retire” from the company next week, and refuses to apologise for his words.

Other journalists have come forward to allege he has previously sent rape threats and racist emails.

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