Ted Cruz suggests anti-gay Duck Dynasty personality for UN Ambassador

Joseph McCormick February 20, 2016
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Anti-gay presidential candidate Ted Cruz has suggested that fellow homophobe, Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson, would make a good UN Ambassador.

Speaking at a campaign rally in South Carolina, Cruz said he wanted to do a “thought experiment”.

Ted Cruz suggests anti-gay Duck Dynasty personality for UN Ambassador

He said: “Imagine for a second: Phil Robertson, ambassador to the United Nations.”

Despite ongoing laughter from the audience, it turned out Cruz was trying to make a serious point.

He went on: “You know what, there’s a reason he terrifies the mainstream media.

“He says things you’re not supposed to say. He actually remembers who we are as Americans, and he speaks it with a joy — not with an anger, not with a hatred — with a joy in who we are.”

GOP Presidential Candidate Ted Cruz Holds New Hampshire Primary Night Gathering

Robertson was campaigning in Myrtle Beach with Cruz.

Speaking, bible in hand, Robertson said: “When you start allowing men to determine what is right, what is wrong, what is good, what is evil, you let men do it — and they do not vet it through this book — our founding fathers warned us over and over and over again, what you will end up doing is saying, ‘Well, I know it sounds like it may be a violation of commandment number 6, do not murder, but we’re just going to go ahead and tell these ladies of America, American women, they can kill their children.’”

Of course he had to condemn gay sex, continuing: “I know what God says about perversion. I mean, you know Sodom and Gomorrah … Marriage is between a man and a woman. Keep your sex right there. Here’s a report from the CDC, gentlemen. Young men, marry you a woman. Dude, if she’s clean and you’re clean and you marry her, you say you keep your sex right there, you’re never going to get a debilitating disease and/or death. It’s safe!”

Homophobic presidential candidate Cruz was left embarrassed this week, after discovering the star of his new campaign ad had starred in lesbian adult entertainment.

A militant opponent of gay rights, Cruz is one of six Republican candidates to have backed a new ‘religious freedom’ law which would allow religious people to discriminate against married gay couples – while he also plans to void same-sex marriage entirely.

Cruz branded actress Ellen Page a “liberal fascist” when she confronted him about his stance – and says he is proud of his links with ‘death to gays’ pastor Kevin Swanson.

Robertson has a long history of hate speech against gay people, atheists and basically anyone who disagrees with him.

Last year he gave a gruesome sermon about the murder of atheists.

The anti-gay reality star was suspended from the A&E reality show for less than two weeks in 2013, when he questioned in an interview to GQ why gay men would prefer “a man’s anus” over a vagina.

The show has since remained on the air – despite Robertson continuing to deliver homophobic sermons claiming that sexually transmitted infections are God’s punishment for gays, and that“biblically correct” sex is always safe.

Senator Cruz is also notorious for anti-LGBT views, and was one of four Republican Presidential candidates to sign a pledge to amend the Constitution to ban same-sex marriage.

Ted Cruz suggests anti-gay Duck Dynasty personality for UN Ambassador

Robertson is not the only homophobic extremist Cruz has ties with – in recent weeks he ducked calls to condemn a pastor he shared a stage with, who repeatedly said gay people should be put to death.

Check out the video of Cruz at his campaign rally here:

And here is a video of Robertson’s words:

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