‘Lowlife’ couple banned from Jeremy Kyle for ‘disgusting’ transphobic behaviour (VIDEO)

Rosie West February 19, 2016
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A ‘lowlife’ couple – who claim they are ‘too fat to work’ – have been thrown off the talk show for transphobic behaviour.

Kyle lost his temper with the questionable pair after they repeatedly insulted their fellow guest – trans taxi driver Melissa Ede.

Ms Ede – who described herself as a trans advocate – contacted Kyle’s team after she was accused of having an affair with Stephen Beers.

‘Lowlife’ couple banned from Jeremy Kyle for ‘disgusting’ transphobic behaviour (VIDEO)

“Steve never stood a chance with me. He was ringing me up and suggesting he took my transgender virginity,” she explained.

Beers appeared on the show with his wife, Michelle, who proceeded to hurl an array of transphobic insults at Ms Ede.

Kyle was forced to step in, as he congratulated Ms Ede – who previously attempted to become the first trans woman to go to Mars – on her bravery, while slamming Michelle for her “disgusting language” – after she branded her fellow guest “a dog with hairy legs”.

He said: “Here’s the bit I don’t like. Because of your husband’s accusations and behaviour you’ve been bad mouthing Melissa.”

As Beers took to the stage, Ms Ede continued to claim innocence, as Kyle showed messages he had sent to his supposed lover.

“You want to make out that we’re having an affair and we are not having an affair Stephen,” Ms Ede said.

She went on to say that Beers had hounded her with messages on social media, claiming he was a celebrity who had appeared on TV, after starring on the Kyle show numerous times before.

Kyle then showed screenshots of messages from Beers, including one which read “I love you babe” and another which said, “I want to meet you” – before calling him a “lowlife.”

‘Lowlife’ couple banned from Jeremy Kyle for ‘disgusting’ transphobic behaviour (VIDEO)

After the lie detector proved he hadn’t cheated with the taxi driver, Kyle sneered as he read the rest of the results – which proved both Beers and his wife had cheated on each other multiple times.

After Stephen walked off the stage, Jeremy banned the couple from ever coming back.

He said: “I am not wasting my time anymore. You are as bad as each other.

“This is the very last time I want to see you on the Jeremy Kyle show. Go and live your lying lives I never want to see you again!

“Go and get a job. See you. Gone. Goodbye.”

Watch a clip of the confrontation below:

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