Check out these 15 ridiculous unnecessarily gendered products

Joseph McCormick February 12, 2016
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Sometimes products are gendered for no apparent reason at all. PinkNews looks at a selection of the most absurd.

PinkNews recently reported on an investigation which found that many products are coloured pink and marketed to women, and some cost double the amount of the ‘men’s’ equivalent.


The investigation by the Times found that retail giants such as Tesco, Boots and Amazon were guilty of charging more for products branded for and marketed to females.

It pointed out razors as one culprit, where Tesco charged double for its pink razors compared to the navy blue model.

But many more are even more absurd – check out some of them below (be prepared to laugh and despair):

15. Surgical masks

Face mask

Everyone knows women would rather get a disease than wear a surgical mask that isn’t PINK

14. Ouija board


Because contacting the dead is ladylike work, and must only be conducted on a PINK ouija board

13. A classic – the Yorkie chocolate bar


Why alienate half of your audience?! Plus ALL women LOVE chocolate (irony).

12. ‘Chick Beer’Chick Beer

Because drinking a non-gendered beer would just fill you with testosterone…

11. Laxatives – for women…


Because the colour of the box MATTERS when you’re desperate to make yourself s**t! Plus women have SENSITIVE PINK STOMACHS. *sigh*

Click here for the top 10 most strange gendered products…

10. Tools – now in pink


Don’t give people the WRONG IDEA by using a non-gendered HAMMER.

Lady Hammer Pink

At least it’s got a full size round face – we were worried they would make it smaller, and easier for women to handle….

9. Dryer sheets – FOR MEN!

Bounce Dryer sheets for men

Thank the laundry gods that they came up with this one – how else could men possibly use dryer sheets?

8. Tea – now comes in totally unnecessarily gendered versions!


Because everyone knows orange peel is the secret key to femininity…

7. Another classic – Bic ‘for her’


Finally women can learn to write – it’s a shame Bic didn’t come up with this sooner, or women could have been liberated. Shame the ink isn’t pink though.

6. Goldfish crackers


Because imagine eating a savoury snack that doesn’t have a CROWN?! How unladylike!



“Snack like a man” – urgh. But at last you can snack on a high-sugar, high-carb treat without feeling your masculinity slip away..

4. Sellotape – now for girls!


Unclear how women used sellotape before this happened.

3. Another classic. The ‘MANsize’ Kleenex tissue


Because using a normal sized tissue would make you less of a man. Plus, why couldn’t they just call them BIG tissues?!



A non ‘manly’ yoghurt might stop you from being MANLY.

(Don’t get us started on all of the ridiculous yoghurt marketing for women – NOBODY gets that’ excited about yoghurts…)


1. Ear plugs – now completely unnecessarily gendered

Ear plugs

I’d rather not sleep than wear a pink ear plug…

Ear plugs2

Similarly… YELLOW ear plugs would make me feel LESS OF A LADY.


Basically, make it stop. PLEASE.

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