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This trans guy comes out to his friends in the coolest way (VIDEO)

Joe Williams February 9, 2016

Henry Tadebois chose an entertaining and educating way to tell his friends and family he is trans.

When he decided to come to his friends and family as trans, Henry Tadebois says he wanted to do it in a way that wasn’t all “doom and gloom”.

So, he decided that he was going to make a video, in which he would explain what it is like to be trans, while simultaneously educating those who may not have met a trans person before.

“You might know me from school, or work. Or maybe you’re a member of my family,” Tadebois starts.

“Up until now, I have represented the L. But actually, I hail from a different twinkle in the rainbow.”

He goes on to explain what it means and how it feels to be transgender and how his friends can support him during his transition.

“There’s a couple of teeny things I need you to change, that would really help me out. Firstly, using my new name.”

“And of course, the pronouns to match.”

“I’ll still be the same person you’ve always known,” he concludes.

“I just need to make the outside match the inside. And I’m super excited!”

Explaining why he chose to come out in such a light-hearted, Tadebois said that he believes “humour creates trust, and if you can laugh at something, it’s not a big deal.”

“I’m really lucky, I have a supportive group of friends, my family are behind me,” he told BuzzFeed News.

“I know other people aren’t as lucky as me.”

Watch his video below:

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