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8 things gay people are tired of hearing

Joe Williams February 9, 2016

We suggest you avoid asking your gay and lesbian friends any of the following…

A person’s sexual orientation is (obviously) not what defines them.

However, as gay and lesbian men and women, we are often forced to endure endless suffer questions about our sex lives, family plans and fashion sense (or lack thereof).

Although well-meaning, these questions are often distasteful and can lead to boredom, upset or sheer outrage!

So, the next time one of you’re straight friends starts quizzing you, why not quickly show them the list below?

1 So which one of you is the guy/girl in the relationship?

2 When did you realise/decide to be gay?

When did you realise you ask stupid questions?

3 You are so lucky you don’t have to deal with boys/girls. I wish I was gay.

Patronisation – always appreciated.

4 Are you a top or a bottom (if you’re a gay/bi guy)?

None of your business!

5 So can lesbians actually have sex (if you’re a gay/bi girl)?


6 Are you gonna have children/can you have children?

Are you?

7 How did your family take the news?

8 Omg! I love gay people – let’s be best friends!

Let’s not!

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