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Lawmaker who tried to ban trans people from public toilets resigns after ‘faking’ military record

Nick Duffy February 4, 2016
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A ‘war hero’ lawmaker who tried to ban trans people from going to the toilet has resigned – after it emerged he isn’t who he claimed to be.

Washington state Republican Graham Hunt had led the charge in the anti-trans movement, filing a bill to force trans women to use the men’s bathroom, and force trans men to use the women’s bathroom.

He claimed at the time: “My bill focuses on privacy… you assume people changing clothes around you are of the same gender as you.”

You also probably assume that someone who claims to be a decorated war veteran is telling the truth… but it turns out you can’t trust anyone these days.

Mr Hunt resigned this week, effective immediately, after people raised “inconsistencies” in the records of his military service.

The lawmaker claimed to have served as a “combat veteran” in Iraq and Afghanistan, and listed three medals on his official biography.

However, a Seattle Times investigation cast doubts over his claims, as there are no such record of him recieving any medals.

A doctored photo that supposedly showed Hunt after a mortar attack in 2005 was also debunked by the newspaper.

He claimed: “This picture of me was taken after a mortar attack in 2005… I think combat camera captured the moment pretty well. I surely have not forgotten that moment.”

The original picture was actually of two separate US soldiers in Iraq in 2003.

In his resignation statement, Hunt neither admitted nor denied faking his record, but wrote: “It is with a heavy heart that I inform you that I hereby resign from my position as Representative for the Second District.

“Over the past week, substantial media attention has been devoted to inconsistencies in the records of my military service.

“In response to these questions, I have exerted my best effort in trying to compile a complete set of my military personnel files, which memorializes my service history.

He claimed: “It has become abundantly clear to me that I have much to improve upon in communicating more clearly, and understanding how my comments are received by others.

“None of us are without flaws, shortcomings, or mistakes. I take full responsibility for any errors I have made, and I fully accept the obligation to address them responsibly.

“As I have stated before, I have nothing to conceal, nor have I ever deliberately conducted myself in a manner that compromises my integrity or the integrity of this office.

“However, the recent speculation of impropriety has taken its toll on my family, my colleagues, and the community.
Lawmaker who tried to ban trans people from public toilets resigns after ‘faking’ military record
“The people of the Second District of Washington deserve a full-time representative who can zealously advocate for their objectives without distraction.

“Under the current circumstances, I no longer feel that I can meet these expectations. Therefore, it is in the best interests of the people of Washington that I relinquish my seat.”

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