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Gay guy explains why he’s supporting anti-gay marriage Donald Trump

Nick Duffy February 4, 2016
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A “gay atheist liberal” has explained why he’s voting for Donald Trump.

The billionaire reality TV star-turned-politician is currently leading the Republican Presidential race, despite his extremely divisive views.

Mr Trump last week ditched his support for same-sex marriage, despite attending gay weddings himself, now claiming he would “strongly consider” appointing new Supreme Court justices to overturn it.

Trump has also allegedly U-turned on LGBT rights protections, assuring evangelical lobbyists he won’t veto a law to permit discrimination against married gay people.

Despite his increasingly negative stance on LGBT rights, one gay man took to Reddit to explain why he is still voting for Mr Trump.

The 29-year-old explained he had never voted Republican before, saying: “For the longest time I steered clear of the GOP because they have become the party of the Bible and of legislating morals.

“The party could not stop talking about private matters they should leave alone (religion, abortion, sexuality, marriage, adoption, so on and so forth). It was rare to find a GOP member who wasn’t explicitly bought by and pandering to the evangelical vote.”

He added: “As a gay atheist, I grew tired of hearing from the party that opposed my existence. Every election I voted in, I voted straight Democrat (with an independent exception here and there).

“I voted for Obama in the last two elections for the reasons stated above. The GOP didn’t present a good candidate, only more of the same. I wanted a president, not a pastor.

“So why in the world would an educated gay atheist even consider voting for Trump in the upcoming presidential election?

“I consider it because I want to steer the GOP away from the status quo. I want to send a clear message to Republicans that they’ve failed and they are a huge part (and really, the cause) of the problem.”

He added: “Trump calls a spade a spade. He is a candidate that calls out the real source of so many of this country’s problems.

“Our country is not in this mess because we don’t get along with our neighbour, not because we pray too little or too often, and not because we need more globalization. The United States is a mess because both political parties have been selling us out to foreign interests in exchange for their own personal profit and gain.
Gay guy explains why he’s supporting anti-gay marriage Donald Trump
“Is Trump as well-spoken as Obama? No, but look where smooth talking got us.

“Is Trump as politically correct as Clinton (either one of them)? No, but look how political correctness makes honest discussion impossible.

“Is Trump brash and occasionally offensive? Yes, but look how that weeds out people who are too afraid to put their foot down.

“I know it is difficult for some people to take Trump seriously when they have nobody in their family or social circle that is open to it, but please, at least reach out to people and try.

“Test the waters. If you’ve made your decision, stand by it. If you’re undecided, stay open to unconventional candidates like Trump.”

Without a hint of irony given Trump’s recent U-turn, one commenter added: “One of the biggest reasons I hate [Ted] Cruz is how he wants to fight against gay marriage again. Regardless of my own views on the matter, I don’t f**king care!”

Of course, he isn’t the first gay person to vocally support Trump.

A gay vlogger previously revealed plans to launch a ‘Gays for Trump’ campaign, insisting the candidate has a better record than Clinton on LGBT rights.

It is unclear if he still holds said views given Trump’s recent anti-gay U-turns.

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