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These people reveal how they’d react if their dad came out (VIDEO)

Joe Williams January 29, 2016

A new video asks people how they would react if their father was gay.

The makers of the video talked to people from all over the world and the responses – whilst mostly positive – were as varied as the people that were asked.

Most people asked agreed it would be a shock, with many saying that they would want to know why their father had waited so long to come out.

Others admitted they would be upset, or hurt – but would eventually learn to come to terms with it.

One woman even reveals that her father already came out when she was a child and that she loved being brought up by a gay man.

However, another woman – from France – said she would refuse to accept it her father told her he was gay.

She seems visibly uncomfortable with the question and her brutal honesty is shocking compared to the often amused reactions of the other volunteers.

The YouTube makers of the video – Culture Beats – say their aim is to highlight the differences between cultures around the world.

In their last video, the team asked people how they would react if their son came out as gay.

The responses they received ranged from heartwarming to upsetting, with one woman from the United Arab Emirates claiming she would “kill him.”

Watch their latest video below:

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