Graham Norton gave some pretty good advice to a guy cheating on his girlfriend with a man

Joseph McCormick January 23, 2016
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TV star Graham Norton has offered some pretty useful advice to an 18-year-old who is cheating on his girlfriend with men.

Norton, who gives advice in a weekly column for the Telegraph, offered a reasoned and lengthy response to the letter.

The teen, who goes by the name of Dan, writes: “I’m an 18-year-old boy with a girlfriend – but I’ve fallen for an older boy. I’ve known I was bi for a while, but only recently told a couple of my closest female friends.

“Telling them gave me the courage to put myself out a little more, and hence after a fair few “likes” on Instagram pictures a lad messaged me – albeit drunkenly. He picked me up the other day and we went to his place and, well… yeah. ”

He goes on to say that the man in question is his best friend’s older brother, and that his girlfriends is best friends with his best friend’s girlfriend.

“He seems interested purely in the physical aspects, but I am developing feelings for him. I’m also feeling guilty and scared. He is my best mate’s older brother; not only that, my best mate’s girlfriend is my girlfriend’s best friend. I don’t think my mate could forgive me for sleeping with his brother and I worry that if he finds out, I’ll lose him – and all my other mates.”

Norton, in response, says: “And… relax. I know this all seems like an enormous drama, but whatever happens the world won’t end. At 18, these sorts of situations are exciting, but also frightening, simply because everything is happening for the first time.”

He continues: “The good thing is that you have been brave enough to act on your desires. Many people your age aren’t. It is important in life that you strive to be the most authentic version of yourself that you can, and if that is being a bisexual then good for you.”

However he questions whether the feelings he is getting for the man are healthy, if they are not reciprocated.

He also says: “In general, if you are doing something that has to be kept a secret, you probably shouldn’t be doing it.”


Of the fact that Dan is cheating on his girlfriend, Norton says: “While you live your life, you do so trying to avoid hurting other people.”


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