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This ‘gay’ exchange between Bill Clinton and Tony Blair has us scratching our heads

Nick Duffy January 8, 2016

Released documents have disclosed a treasure trove of conversations between former US President Bill Clinton and former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Documents of all the pair’s official private conversations – between Blair’s election in 1997 and Clinton leaving office in 2001 – were released by the US government this week under transparency rules.

The documents are, of course, heavily redacted to avoid leaking sensitive information – but many of the exchanges show an affectionate jokey friendship between the former leaders.

However, one partly-removed exchange has us scratching our heads.

The fateful conversation took place over the phone in April 2000. The pair chat for a while, with Clinton candidly discusses the state of US politics, including Hillary Clinton’s senate campaign and Al Gore’s Presidential bid.

After explaining that he is doing “everything he can” to ensure a victory for Gore – who eventually lost to George Bush – President Clinton adds: “We’re making a little progress on the Africa trade bill…I may run over to Nigeria in a few months.”

After a long redacted comment from Prime Minister Blair, Clinton interjects: “But better gay than sad!”

It’s likely intended to be ‘gay’ meaning happy… but given the President’s jokey style throughout the conversation, it’s also probably a play on the other meaning.

After a few more redacted comments, Clinton appears to joke again, saying: “…if you are, you’ve got a hell of a cover-up!”

The pair’s meandering conversation doesn’t give many clues about the subject – Al? Hillary? George Bush? Someone in the Nigerian government? We can only imagine.

Here’s the exchange in full.

Answers on a postcard…

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