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See what happens when gay men touch breasts for the first time (VIDEO)

Joe Williams January 7, 2016

We’ve seen lesbians touching penises for the first time – now its the boys turn.

YouTube stars Bria and Chrissy recently attempted to discover what lesbians really think of penises – now they’ve enlisted a bunch of their gay male friends and asked them to touch their breasts.

The clip paired the girls up with a host of men – including fellow YouTube stars – to see what they really thought of the female anatomy.

The men seem a little nervous at first – with cries of “I’m so grossed out” and so on.

But they soon come round to the idea – although their comparisons, as always, are a little questionable.

One man compares the breasts to “poking a dead jellyfish with a stick” another says they feel like “a slab of meat” and a third, bizarrely says they remind him of “rotting pumpkins.”

By the end of the experiment, the group seem enlightened and happy with what they’ve learned.

In a rare, poignant moment, one of the men explains that the gay community often treats women’s bodies like they’re “yucky”.

However, the men conclude that breasts are indeed beautiful, and they can admire them even if they’re not attracted to them – with fellow YouTuber Davey Wavey even saying he would love to “snuggle” into them.

Watch the full clip below.

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