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Straight men quiz gay men on sex, stereotypes and coming out (VIDEO)

Joe Williams January 5, 2016

A group of straight men have been given the chance to ask gay men anything they want in a refreshing new video.

The new clip from BuzzFeed shows a group of straight men given the opportunity to ask gay men questions on a wide variety of issues – with some interesting results.

“How many buttholes have you seen?” asks one man.

“Fifteen,” answers his partner, causing both to laugh out loud.

Although many of the questions concern sex – from sexual positions to porn and “butthole maintenance” – others focus on the stereotypes often attributed to gay men, as well as what it’s like to be in a gay relationship.

“Are there stereotypes you identify with more than others?” asks one straight guy.

“How are gay relationships for you different than gay relationships?” wonders another.

One of the straight men also asks a poignant question about what it is like to tell your friends and family that you are gay, and about the fear that coming out often carries.

However, the vast majority of queries centre around penis size, and whether it matters as much to gay men as it does to their straight counterparts.

“Do gay guys worry about size as much as straight guys do?”

“Would you rather just a little be smaller than an average dick, or a way to big to do anything with dick?”

See all the questions – and answers – below.


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