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Lesbians touch penises for the first time in awkward video clip

Joe Williams January 4, 2016
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YouTube stars Daylynn and Arielle have collaborated on a new video with couple Bria and Chrissy, in an attempt to discover what lesbians really think of penises.

The clip paired up lesbians with a mostly naked man, and to be honest, it’s as awkward as you would imagine.

The women are clearly nervous, with one claiming “I nearly got hit by a car, and this is the most nervous I’ve ever been.”

Another claims: “I feel like I’ve gone my whole life trying to avoid this moment.”

Their reactions were equally as dramatic – with the women comparing the ‘experience’ to touching everything from a child’s toy to… turkey necks.

“It feels like Play-Doh,” cries one volunteer.

“It feels like, when I was a butcher, and I would stuff the turkey necks with the corn on the cob for Christmas,” adds another.

“It feels like my vagina,” decides one woman, before confirming, “I’m definitely a lesbian.”

Meanwhile, a similar project was conducted recently, when a group of gay women were asked to kiss straight men for the first time.

One of the women volunteered: “I’m sorry, but it was awkward… it was!”

Other concerns include the presence or lack of facial hair: “I was really glad you didn’t have facial hair, that scares me.”

One of the men observed a difference too, saying: “I’m not used to the female being so… assertive!”

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