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Elderly mum’s Christmas ruined after Wi-Fi password set to ‘gayfkers’

Joe Williams December 26, 2015

A woman told of her outrage at her mum’s unfortunate new Wi-Fi password.

A daughter was left infuriated when her mother’s new Virgin Media router came with the password “gayfkers”.

Tweeting the company, the woman said: “Completely disgusted that my elderly mother has her Virgin Wi-Fi installed with THIS as her password?!”

“Utterly offensive and it ruined her Christmas,” she added.

“We have gay relatives and everyone is so outraged and upset! Obscene.”

The internet provider were quick to apologise to the disgruntled customer.

However, they did stress that the passwords were automatically generated so it could not have been an employee playing a prank.

They added that they would look into their “quality control” to stop similar situations arising.

“We can confirm these passwords are randomly generated. Looks like we need some quality control. So sorry.”

Fellow Twitter users were quick to pick up on the story – with many of them managing to see the funny side.

“Imagine your nan’s wifi password is ‘gayfkers’ and it ruins your christmas instead of making it better, sad existence,” one user wrote.

“She only wanted the Wifi code to avoid talking to the old dear,” another added.

“Honestly this was heading to be the worst Christmas I’ve ever had but gayfkers has raised me up. A Christmas miracle,” wrote another user.

Check out some of the best responses below:

(h/t The Metro)

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