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Gay men kiss women for the first time in awkward new experiment (VIDEO)

Joe Williams December 24, 2015

A group of video makers have put another new spin on the ‘strangers kiss’ video – by asking gay men to make out with women.

The Human Project released their latest clip, which features gay men kissing straight women – some of them for the first time.

It asks: “Do gay men secretly enjoy kissing women? Let’s find out.”

The clip paired up a group of gay men with a number of straight girls – and resulted in a whole lot of awkwardness.

After making out with one girl, one of the guys describes the kiss as “cute, but really awkward.”

One of the men panics before going in for the kiss, quoting the infamous Katy Perry line: “I feel like I need a cherry chapstick! You know, “I kissed a girl and I liked it?”

Although describing the experience as “sweet”, one of the women sums up the experience perfectly.

“It was a great kiss, but it was weird as there was just no sexual chemistry at all!”

This isn’t the first time The Human Project have tried the experiment.


The project was recently repeated with lesbian women and straight men – with similar results:

One of the women volunteered: “I’m sorry, but it was awkward… it was!”

Other concerns include the presence or lack of facial hair: “I like the beard.”/”I was really glad you didn’t have facial hair, that scares me.”

One of the men observed a difference too, saying: “I’m not used to the female being so… assertive!”

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