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Mother tells radio host of her heartwarming reaction to son coming out

Caroline Seddon December 11, 2015

Maria told of how she and her religious family dealt with the news.

A mother named Maria called LBC radio to recall the story of her son came out and how she and her religious family dealt with it.

The woman talked about how her family – who come from a military background – were told the news two years ago, after they had returned from a weekend away.

Upon arriving home, they found a letter from their son telling them he was gay that he had left before heading back to his army base.

Maria said she initially found the news hard to deal with.

“It was very difficult, I spent 48 hours in my dressing gown, lying on the floor crying when I found out,” she told host Iain Dale.

She added that one her main concerns was what the effect her son’s sexuality may have on his life.

“We had a lot to deal with at that point. There was the regimental side of it – there are still prejudices in the regiment.

“Then there is the Christianity side of it that we had to deal with.”

However, she said what upset her most was the feeling that she had failed him as a parent.

“What is most poignant to me as a mother, with all of those things – I felt that we had let him down. I couldn’t deal with that, it was the most difficult thing”

“He had to keep it to himself for 25 years, I felt we had let him down and as a mother that was very difficult.”

Maria says that although her husband still finds it difficult to talk about, she is “so proud of him, it’s a fantastic feeling”.

Her son, who is a Metropolitan police officer, is now in a happy relationship with another man who is a vet.

“They’re an amazing couple and now I’ve got two sons when I only had one.”

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