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Watch: One of these 14 people would kill their child if they were gay

Michelle O'Toole November 27, 2015

A new video from Culture Beats has asked people how they would react if their child was gay.

The makers of the video talked to people from all over the world, young and old, and the responses, whilst mostly positive, were as varied as the people they were asking.

One woman from the United Arab Emirates claimed that she would kill her child if they came out. When asked why, a voice off screen tells the video makers: “it is against natural law.”

One Iranian man bluntly explained that the news of his child being gay would be hard for him to accept, saying: “I would probably be sad.

“I want my boy to have a wife and my girl to have a man but, maybe I would accept it in the end, you cannot get rid of your children but I would not be happy.”

A woman from Azerbaijan suggested that she would potentially seek reparative therapy, saying “…I would be very upset, personally.

“I would try to consult a doctor about it, to see why he is gay, to see what brought him to be gay, his hormones? then it is from god, if it is because of society then I would try to help him”.

However, most of the people in the video said that they would react positively to the news. An Irish man said: “I’d like to understand how he feels,

“It’s still your child, what his sexual orientation is no different, you know?

“I wish that he could find happiness no matter whether he is gay or straight.”

He went on to enthuse about his country’s recent same-sex marriage referendum, saying “You know we have passed a gay law? That gay people can marry now? In our country?

“I am very proud of that”

Watch the video below.

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