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US politician claims British equality laws ban people praying for Paris

Nick Duffy November 24, 2015
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A Christian activist in the US has claimed that the UK’s Equality Act bans people praying for Paris – by enforcing “homosexuality and transgenderism”.

Tony Perkins, of the Family Research Council, made the shocking claim in an email to the group’s supporters.

It comes after Digital Cinema Media, which provides ads to all UK major cinema chains, came under fire for blocking a request for the Church to screen a Lord’s Prayer advert, under an existing policy of “not accepting political or religious advertising”.

The Church threatened legal action under the Equality Act – but Perkins appears to have misinterpreted the story, and is now claiming the Equality Act is actually the reason for the ban.

The group claimed: “If you want to pray for Paris – or anything really – stay away from parts of the UK.

It adds: “The most disturbing aspect of this story may be the basis for which the ad was rejected.

“According to the Church’s legal counsel, the agency banned the commercial on the grounds of the country’s Equality Act, which blocks organizations (including faith-based ones) from refusing service for religious reasons.”

The group ties the row to the proposed US Equality Act, which would protect LGBT workers in all 50 states.

It continues: “If the law sounds familiar, it should. President Obama just threw his support behind an American version of the policy, which would all but end religious liberty as we know it.

“Just two weeks ago, the White House said it “strongly supports” the legislation that would dramatically alter the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to force Americans conformity on homosexuality and transgenderism.
US politician claims British equality laws ban people praying for Paris
“And how do you force conformity? By taking away freedom – just as the British are doing.”

The Church of England are exempt from the Equality Act – but we don’t expect Perkins wants to let facts get in the way of anything.

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