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Watch: Adele helps stop this infuriating family argument about trans people

Nick Duffy November 23, 2015

A Saturday Night Live skit shows the unifying power of Adele, when confronted with family’s misguided opinions.

SNL explains: “Thanksgiving with family can be hard. Everyone has different opinions and beliefs. But there’s one thing that unites us all…”

The skit features a family Thanksgiving dinner, which is disrupted by people espousing infuriating beliefs.

Things look bad when an aunt begins interrogating her niece’s African-American boyfriend why “his friends” keep “antagonising the police” – and it only gets worse from there.

The Grandparents arrive. “I saw two transgendereds in the airport… very interesting trend, this!”

Everyone else looks like wants the ground to swallow them up.

Younger members of the family try and explain that transgender people aren’t a trend, and that “They were [always] there, but they couldn’t say anything, so they lived sad lives and died”.

But once things descend into bickering, only Adele can save the family – with her track ‘Hello’ pausing the arguments… as everyone slowly becomes Adele.

Ellen DeGeneres recently shed some light on the singer’s iconic Hello video.

The single’s video – which racked up 150 million views on YouTube in just a week – sees Adele calling a former lover to reminisce about old times.

Ellen’s skit took a look at the other side of the call – with Adele calling up the host instead of an ex-boyfriend.

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