School celebrates annual ‘skirt day’ to promote gender diversity (PHOTOS)

Joe Williams November 23, 2015
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Students at the school say they want to ‘fight gender roles in society.’

Reddit user ‘TheOnlyJuanEver’ took to the site to share photos of his classmates celebrating his school’s annual “skirt day”.

“Every year, every guy in my high school in Mexico wears a skirt/dress, and every girl wears a tie,” he said.

School celebrates annual ‘skirt day’ to promote gender diversity (PHOTOS)

He says the school wants to encourage children to gain a further understanding of gender equality and to eradicate sexism and homophobia.

“It’s a movement to support gender equality and to fight gender roles in society,” he explained.

“I don’t know exactly how it started, it was celebrated long before I got into the school.”

However, he pointed out that students were not forced to join in – it was their choice.

Juan described his school – which his says benefits from being a private institution – as racially diverse and progressive.

“Bullying is almost not a problem,” he said.

“Sadly, my high school is the only one I know of that does this.”

Indeed, many other Reddit users were quick to point out that they could never imagine the same happening in their schools.

“If this happened in the US, parents and Christian groups would freak out,” wrote one user.

School celebrates annual ‘skirt day’ to promote gender diversity (PHOTOS)

“Fox News would run a report about how American high schools are forcing students to become transgender.

“There would be lawsuits. Obama would be blamed. Funding would be cut,” they added.

“And finally, the Westboro Baptist Church would probably show up to protest.”

School celebrates annual ‘skirt day’ to promote gender diversity (PHOTOS)

Many users also heaped praise on the school and its students.

“High school in Mexico looks awesome,” said one comment.

“I love that some of the guys looks like they’re just wearing their usual top with skirts while some others went all out coordinating their outfit,” wrote another.

School celebrates annual ‘skirt day’ to promote gender diversity (PHOTOS)

Puerto Rico’s Education Minister recently announced changes to a school uniform code that lets boys wear skirts.

Minister Rafael Roman last month confirmed changes that are intended to make the US territory’s strict uniform policy more LGBT-inclusive and less restrictive.

Under new rules, students of any gender can choose to wear either a skirt or trousers to school – regardless of gender, and without risk of punishment.

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