An online matchmaking website has launched for ‘heterosexual women seeking their male gay BFF.’

‘Every Girl Needs A Gay’ – which is still currently being tested – is accepting registrations now. It will officially go live January 1 2016.

However, it seems not many women – or “gay BFFs” – are interested, as the site currently only has three members.

The site’s homepage says it aims to build on the ‘scientifically proved fact’ that gay men and straight women harbour a “special connection”.

“Now that science has finally proven what we’ve known all along about the special connection between straight women and gay men, this pairing has never been more – dare we say – en Vogue.

“Gay men and straight women balance each other out while simultaneously turning up each other’s FABULOUS.”

Continuing their apparent theme of exploiting an outdated stereotype, users can also sign up to the site’s newsletter, called ‘CHER!’ Yes. CHER.

Unsurprisingly, the site has provoked a rather mixed response on social media – with many criticising its outdated view of gay male and straight female friendships.

“This is offensive, outdated and insulting,” one user wrote.

“If I was looking for friends (which I’m not) this would be the LAST place I would go!” wrote another.

“I don’t know about a gay guy and a straight woman – this sounds like a straight dude’s idea!”

However, one disgruntled user blamed another source.


To check out the site yourself, click here.

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