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I choose you! This gay Pokémon proposal is too cute for words

Nick Duffy November 6, 2015

When you’re proposing to your partner, you can go intimate, you can go romantic… or you can go really, really nerdy.

That’s what one loved-up guy did when he was planning to pop the question to his Pokémon-loving boyfriend.

We’re not entirely sure if same-sex marriage has taken the Magnet Train across from Kanto yet, but Tumblr user Brett Graham became a true Pokemon Master when popping the question to his partner Max in a truly epic style.

As every Pokémon trainer knows, adventures begin with a single choice – usually between a fire type, a water type and a grass type.

When Brett decided to propose to Max, he decided their life adventure should begin in the same way- custom-designing three ‘starter’ rings and Pokéballs to hold them.

He explained: “It took me a while to figure out the right way to propose to Max, but I’m pretty damned proud of what I came up with.

“A ‘grass type’ starter with a wooden inlay. A ‘fire type’ starter which is black with a red gem, and a ‘water type’ starter with a mother of pearl inlay.

“I’ve been scheming like a madman for months, having things shipped to my friends, and hiding art supplies.

Brett added: “Max, for his part, has been telling me pretty much every day since we’ve started that he’s going to marry me. Somehow, I was still nervous when it came time to ask about making that official.

“At the beginning of every adventure, you need to pick a partner. I chose him. So, I figured if he said yes, he could decide what to wear on his finger.

Max said yes… and just as importantly, picked the Fire type.

Brett’s already planning his next big surprise.

He said of the other two rings: “He gets those, too. The significance of the choice is that whatever he picked as his official starter will ‘evolve’ at milestone anniversaries. I got plans.”

We’re just glad a rival didn’t come along and take the one of the other rings.

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