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Bully victim receives uplifting reaction from witnesses at a bus stop (VIDEO)

Joe Williams October 25, 2015

In the moving video, a young girl is being bullied at a bus stop by some girls from her school.

The bullies hurl a variety of insults at their victim as they wait for their bus home, mocking her looks, behaviour and academic ability.

The girls – who are older than the child they are bullying – also tell her she has no friends, that people talk behind her back and “that everybody hates her”.

“Do you have any friends at all? Any that aren’t imaginary?” they ask in one clip.

They also insult her ability to sing, tell her that she needs make-up and that people pretended to be sick so they would not have to attend her birthday party.

However, we soon see that their victim is not as alone as first seems.

Witnesses to the event soon start to leap to her defence – by giving the bullies a taste of their own medicine.

“Do you want somebody to do that to you?” asks one woman, silencing the bullies. “Do you think it’s funny?”

“How would you like it if somebody older than you came and told you that you weren’t any good?” asks another woman.

“Quit messing with her,” says a man after the bullies mock the girl’s love of reading. “You keep reading!”

Others have a more subtle – but equally touching – reaction to the girl.

One woman asks the girl if she would like to come and sit on the bus with her with another complimenting her backpack.

One man even plays the young girl his harmonica.

The video – titled ‘Who Will Stop Bullying?’ – was released by UP TV as part of Bullying Awareness Month.

They released the video to highlight how each of us can help stand up to bullies and help those who are vulnerable and in need of support, guidance or even just a friend.

Watch the full clip below:

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