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Watch: This bra ad is probably not what you’re expecting

Nick Duffy September 30, 2015

An advert for a push up bra in Thailand is attracting attention online.

The ad for underwear company Wacoal Mood has resurfaced online this week, though it was first released in 2013.

Attracting 15 million views, the video sees an attractive woman slowly getting undressed, removing her blouse to reveal cleavage and a blue push-up bra.

She continues to undress to sensual music, before finally removing the bra for a titillated home audience.

However, as the person removes the bra, it is revealed they don’t have breasts – before pulling off their wig to reveal a man underneath.

The ad hasn’t gone down well with heterosexual men, with thousands complaining they were ‘tricked’ by the ad.

One wrote: “This is disgusting trans gender propaganda that’s trying to fuse the femininity with masculinity and terraform little young people into thinking this shit is acceptable when it’s just pure santanism be promoted by the illuminati music industry…f**king sick reptilians”.

However, some people could see the funny side.

One commenter joked: “Lol all these confused straight dudes in the comments and I’m just sitting here, bi and very happy.”

Thailand is renowned across the world for its large and vibrant trans community, and gender is often considered more fluid than in Western society.

It was announced earlier this year that Thailand’s new constitution will give recognition to a legal third gender for the first time.

A spokesperson said: “We are putting the words ‘third gender’ in the constitution because Thai society has advanced.

“There are not only men and women, we need to protect all sexes. We consider all sexes to be equal.”

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