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Watch: This musical Kim Davis parody might be the most perfect yet

Nick Duffy September 29, 2015

Anti-gay clerk Kim Davis has been repeatedly mocked, parodied and torn apart – but the latest effort might be the best yet.

Davis, the clerk for Rowan County Kentucky, was briefly jailed for contempt of court after ignoring direct orders from courts to stop blocking gay weddings.

She has since become a darling of radical right-wingers – with Republican Presidential hopefuls Ted Cruz and Mike Huckabee both scrambling to be seen at her side.

Davis has been married four times, but claims God doesn’t want gays to marry.

La Strega Entertainment released a new Gilbert & Sullivan tribute taking aim at Davis, titled ‘The Modern Fundamentalist’.

The video stars Rena Strober as an increasingly deranged Davis, who sings about her plans to offend the world.

She sings: “I married first one husband, then two others, then another one, because I think one man is pretty much like any other one.

“I’ve never been too troubled by the dubious legalities of sex outside of marriage or of other trivialities.

“But when it comes to icky stuff like homosexuality, I’m always very strident with my Puritan morality.

“In short in matters biblical and spiritual and Calvinist, I am the very model of a modern fundamentalist.”

The song also hints at Davis’ exploitation of the right-wing outrage cycle, following her appearance at the anti-LGBT Values Voter Summit.

She sings: “I’ll ride this hobbyhorse until I’m richer than a sybarite, there’ll always be good money in denouncing godless sodomites.

“I’ll put my name as author on some books that I can barely read, and get a show on cable to inform the world what God decreed.”

The song also jokes about Kim’s “next husband Michael Huckabee”, as Davis is seen voiding gay marriage licenses and being carted off to jail.

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