4 September 2015

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This gay couple arrived at their wedding on unicorn jet skis… really

The Westboro Baptist Church is now just picking fights with other homophobes

Ireland’s revolutionary new trans recognition law comes into effect next week

Homophobic clerk’s office lets gay couples marry, while she sits in jail

Kathleen Turner to star in play about lesbians undergoing gender reassignment

London preacher who called for gays to be killed charged with encouraging support for ISIS granted bail

‘Marraige’ fan Jeb Bush backs clerk who wouldn’t let gays marry

Tom Hardy ‘didn’t think about sexuality’ while playing Kray twins

Mexican trans asylum seeker allowed to remain in US under torture protections

James Bond director: Gay Bond would ‘feel more like a spin-off’

Gay couple will try for a FIFTH time to marry, as anti-gay clerk sits in jail

Someone made a ‘sits next to Kim Davis’ Twitter account and it is hilarious

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