10 reasons why we love Stephen Fry

Nick Duffy August 24, 2015
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To celebrate Stephen Fry’s 58th birthday, we count down ten reasons why he’s earned a place in our hearts.

The QI host, comedian, avid tech fan and LGBT rights campaigner is turning 58 today.

Here’s ten reasons he’s fast becoming a gay icon.

He’s not afraid to call out homophobes

He’s great when you get to know him – but don’t f**k with Stephen Fry on LGBT rights.
10 reasons why we love Stephen Fry
The Northern Irish DUP felt his wrath when they attempted to introduce a ‘conscience’ law permitting anti-gay discrimination.

He tweeted: “To be ‘slammed’ by the bigots of the DUP is to be bathed in light and kissed by angels. I am content.”

He invited Oscar Wilde to his wedding

The star’s low-key wedding to Elliot Spencer earlier this year was so secret that barely anyone was invited – other than Irish playwright Oscar Wilde.
10 reasons why we love Stephen Fry
Sharing a picture of a small Wilde puppet, he explained: “Oh and Elliott and I had our vows witnessed by a mini Oscar Wilde. Because one should.”

He watched a man get shagged by a parrot

He’s earned national treasure status as the host of QI, given countless poignant speeches, and filmed many documentaries – but the most-watched clip of Fry online features not his talents, but a randy kakapo.

The clip has racked up more than 6.5 million views – and we’re sure Stephen’s reaction only add to the joy.

He sends Michael Gove texts to correct his grammar

Despite his busy schedule, Mr Fry is never too busy to be a stickler – correcting former Education Secretary Michael Gove on his grammar.
10 reasons why we love Stephen Fry
Mr Gove recounted: “When I was at the Department for Education I sent a note round with some of my preferences – I wouldn’t say they were golden rules – on writing.

“[It] excited quite a lot of comment, there was a very funny article taking me to task in the Times… and also I received a text from Stephen Fry correcting me on some of my own errors linguistically.”

Stephen Fry is a ball of rock hurtling through a space

That’s not an insult – he actually had an asteroid named after him earlier this year.
5190 Fry was recently named after the actor. It lies in an asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, in case you’re looking to visit.

His top-secret wedding planning probably qualifies him to work for MI6

When news of his nuptials leaked to the press, Fry went to extreme lengths to keep the event itself secret.

He said: “The wonderful [registrar] Linda put a false date into the computer in case it was being hacked or in case there was a mole within the borough.

“It meant that Elliot and I were able to be conjoined without any photographers or journalists which was really nice.”

He even challenged Russia’s most notorious anti-gay extremist

Fry came face to face with the architect of Russia’s anti-gay law, Vitaly Milonov, while filming documentary LGBT rights documentary Out There.

He told him to his face: “It’s absolute nonsense! You’re inventing a ridiculous enemy to get support, so that ignorant people will imagine there is this terrible threat to children. The real threat to children is as it always was: Ignorance. Lies.”

He actually agreed to narrate a musical gay wedding (in case you’d bleached it from your memory)

Yes, you didn’t dream it – Fry was a key part of ‘Our Gay Wedding: The Musical’, celebrating the introduction of same-sex marriage in England and Wales with as much camp as you’d expect.

Though Fry couldn’t be coaxed into a musical number, he helped mark the poignant celebration of equality – which was actually quite emotional, really, even if it did make you cringe.

He knows what they say of the acropolis where the Parthenon is

Ever the professional, Stephen Fry can battle with a tongue-twister and (just about) live to tell the tale. As anyone who has watched this classic QI clip will attest to.

He’s doing Rocky Horror…

Sadly he won’t be putting on his fishnets and heals as Frank N Furter (artist’s impression below), but he will take up the role of narrator for a special Rocky Horror performance next month.
10 reasons why we love Stephen Fry
He explained: “I’ve been a devoted fan of The Rocky Horror Show for most of my life and I have been proud to support the incredible work of Amnesty International for just as long, so to be joining Richard [O’Brien] and the cast on stage for this special evening is a dream come true.”

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