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We asked 300 guys on Grindr how gay they are, and you’ll be surprised by the answer

Gareth Williams August 19, 2015
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We asked 300 different guys on Grindr where they are on the Kinsey scale. The results might not be what you expect.

A recent YouGov survey found that over half of young people don’t identify as ‘100% straight’ or ‘100% gay’ – and PinkNews wondered if the same was true on all-male hookup app Grindr.

Following on from a Grindr user who polled hundreds of men in last year’s Scottish referendum, the PinkNews team tested the recent survey by asking Grindr users where they identified on the Kinsey scale.

The scale, invented by renowned sexologist Alfred Kinsey, ranges from 0 (exclusively straight) to 6 (exclusively gay),  and also has an option for non-sexual or asexual (X).

Adopting the guise of an enigmatic Mr Kinsey, we polled over three hundred users in central London, near our office in Moorgate (or should that be MoreGAYte?) – and some of the results were not as we expected.

Despite the stigma sometimes attached to bisexual men on the app, more people identified as fives than sixes – with plenty of fours and threes also on the app.

There were plenty of men who didn’t identify as ‘exclusively gay’…

However, plenty of the men said they were ‘totally gay’. Some were SUPER keen!

Whilst others didn’t seem to understand the question….

Certain Grindr users needed some scientific reasoning…

And some were downright filthy!

We also found a few people who were mostly straight and experimenting…

…and believe it or not, we found an asexual person on Grindr. (Or they just wanted to get rid of us. Either way.)

Overall, the average answer was around 5 – while the most frequent answer was a 5, followed by 6, and 4.

Unsurprisingly, we couldn’t find any ‘exclusive’ heterosexuals in our rather-unscientific sample.

But where are YOU on the Kinsey scale?

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