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Jennifer Aniston attacked for becoming face of ‘homophobic’ airline

  • Truth

    It’s a sad fact of life that so-called ‘celebrities’ do have influence. They are role models and, unfathomable as it seems, people look up to them. One can only hope that public pressure will force Annison to think again about associating herself with a business that is such a part of a vile, homophopic country.

    • Meskiagkasher

      Jennifer Aniston? Isn’t she from the F-list? Has she ever been a real celebrity, or just a rather talentless tv “actress”.

  • Mark Y

    I wonder if she would endorse a business from a country where people were put in prison because they were black or white? Probably not. It’s just gay people she doesn’t give a damn about, and the sad fact that people get away with endorsing homophobia. All the sponsors of the World Cup in Qatar are the same. Shameful.

  • Balance

    I think there’s also a connection with Arsenal Football Club. The Emirates logo is on their stuff. Maybe Arsenal should be boycotted too?

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