Letters to the editor: Homos should be gassed or shot

Nick Duffy July 17, 2015
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PinkNews shares a letter from one of our most dedicated readers, who took time out of their busy day to write to us.

Throwing bodily fluids and waste at Christians.

This is what you HOMOS do. You are all loud, boisterous, violent and soon enough, the 97% who aren’t homosexuals are going to slap the S**T OUT OF YOU PEOPLE, SHOOT YOU, GAS YOU, AND RUN OVER YOU.

Are you ready for that? NO?

Then you had better get your SICK S**T together and live like you have some kind of common sense and decency…OR ELSE!

no name.

no name,

Thank you for taking the time to write to PinkNews.

We take all your feedback seriously. You can tell because this is our serious face.

We assure you we don’t want to throw our poo at you – but there’s plenty of other places on the internet you can go to find that, as you seem quite fixated.


The PinkNews Team
Letters to the editor: Homos should be gassed or shot

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