This woman perfectly shut down double standards about women in one minute

Joseph McCormick July 8, 2015
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A vlogger has eloquently shut down many of society’s double standards about women in a one-minute video.

Michelle Lane, who vlogs under the handle Nostril_Curl, posted the video of her signing in the bath.

She lists off a number of expectations of women, especially those who become parents “too old” or “too young”.


The deaf vlogger titled the video ‘The Ugly Judgement of Society’.

She starts: “Girl gets pregnant before 25; she’s too young to be a mom”, before going on to say: “Girl gets pregnant after 30; she is too old​.”

The mother of two goes on to deconstruct many expectations with two sides, including abortion and adoption, which there is no apparent correct answer.

She says: “Girl considers abortion; she is a murderer!”, going on to say “Girl keeps baby; how is she going to afford the baby?”

Going on she says: “Girl becomes a stay at home mom… How can she sit around and watch TV all day?”

Then: “Girl goes to work. How can she leave her baby like that all day?”


Speaking to the Daily Mail as her video went viral, she said: “I get judged all the time… Deaf people are not supposed to have children because we are carrying the genes of deafness.

“We are more loud and wild than hearing people because we are not aware of sound and can’t hear ourselves, so they look at us like animals. But it’s not only that – all people, not just the deaf, get judged all the time. It doesn’t matter what you do – you will be judged, no question.”

On why she chose to film the video naked in a bath, Lane said: “I want to see what they have to say, looking for attention or a whore, things like that,… And I will go aha ur judging me! Lol.”

Watch the video below:

the ugly judgement of society (w subtitles… share awayyy)

Posted by Nostril_Curl on Saturday, July 4, 2015

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