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Ruby Rose ‘wasn’t expecting’ to turn the entire internet into lesbians

Nick Duffy June 19, 2015

Australian model Ruby Rose has spoken out – after her appearance on Orange is the New Black caused people to question their sexuality.

The actress debuted this month on the third season of the Netflix prison drama, serving as a “lust object” for main character Piper.

However, the genderfluid star has attracted a lot of attention online – with both gay men and straight women alike joking that the star was making them question their sexuality.

Speaking to Huffington Post, Ruby Rose said she had not be expecting the attention, or the supposed conversions.

She said: “I was not expecting it, to say the least..

“I have a couple of friends who don’t feel very warm towards it… [but ] my sense is definitely more lighthearted and neutral on it.

The actress continued: “I think people are just saying that to be complimentary. I don’t think anyone’s doing it to be derogatory or to take away from what it really means to come out and identify as a different sexuality than what people will think you are.”

She added that people’s jokes showed that the world had moved on, observing: “Maybe 10 years ago, people would watch someone onscreen that they would be attracted to, but they wouldn’t be able to make a funny meme and say, ‘Oh my God, I’m gay!’ because that would be so frowned upon.”

Ruby Rose released a video last year exploring her perception of non-traditional gender identities.

The star wrote and produced a 5 minute video set to Butterfly Boucher’s ‘It Pulls Me Under’, where Rose transitions from female to male.

She said at the time: “It’s weird, some of the androgynous photos I have taken lately really make me wonder what I’d have looked like if I did a FTM transition like I wanted to when I was younger.

“I am a woman, but I would have been just as comfortable as a boy.

“I know a lot of people don’t understand that, but I know a few of you do.”

Watch the clip below:

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