Voice actors cut ties with studio behind vile ‘Kill the Faggots’ game

Nick Duffy May 10, 2015
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Voice actors cut ties with studio behind vile ‘Kill the Faggots’ game
A number of voice actors have dropped out of an upcoming video game from a developer who made a homophobic murder simulator.

PC game ‘Kill the Faggot’, the objective of which is to murder as many gay and transgender people as possible, appeared on Steam’s Greenlight platform last week.

The game, which assigns players points based on the number of “gay fag homos” and “transgender freaks” killed – was later pulled from Greenlight following outrage online.

However, it has emerged that a number of voice actors had been signed up by the developer Skaldic Games for a separate still-in-the-works game without knowledge of the homophobic hate game.

Voice actors cut ties with studio behind vile ‘Kill the Faggots’ game

Irish singer Keith Fay, of metal band Cruachan had been hired to appear in the separate game – but said: “It’s just been brought to my attention that a game featuring my voice as well as my girlfriend Rachel Lally… is involved in sending messages of hate towards the LGBT community.

“They have just released a game called ‘Kill the Faggot’. A disgusting game where you get points for killing gay people and penalised for killing straight people.

“We did not know anything about this.

“A statement was released by the games company that tried to explain their intention. The statement was juvenile and bizarre, basically saying if you are offended by the game you are an idiot.

“Well I am offended and I am not an idiot. We cannot condone this game and hereby disassociate ourselves with it and Skaldic games.

“We have informed the company that they no longer have the rights to use our voice recordings, likeness or any Cruachan music.

“We are all for free speech etc. but not when it’s spreading hatred towards a demographic.”

Voice actors cut ties with studio behind vile ‘Kill the Faggots’ game

Another voice actor, Lori Beth Denberg, wrote: “I knew NOTHING about skaldic’s disgusting game/views. I will NOT be a part of anything they do. The second I found out yesterday I WAS OUT!”

Despite being pulled from Greenlight, developer Skaldic Games has made the game available from its own website.

A statement from the developer claims the game was made “just to piss off those people that are way too overly sensitive.”

Bizarrely, the developer requested: “Keep sending all the threats and hate mail though, its a fun read, and proves you have no time on your hands.”

Watch a review of the game by Jim Sterling below:

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