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This American football player punched a gay couple for kissing and got dropped

Joseph McCormick May 7, 2015
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An American football player in the US has been dropped from his team after attacking a gay couple simply because they kissed in the street.

Steward Butler, formerly of Marshall University’s football team, was accused of punching a couple in the face as they walked down the street, and was later charged with two counts of misdemeanor battery, reports WSAZ.

The attacks have been condemned, including by university officials, and have been called “violent”, and “bigoted”.

The athletic director of the university on Wednesday tweeted saying: “Coach Holliday and I have decided to dismiss Steward Butler from our program in light of additional information regarding his charges.”

He was first suspended, after police investigating said a lot of the incident was actually filmed by one of the victims.

The getaway car’s number plate was captured on the film by the couple, Zackery Johnson and Casey Williams who said they were scared there would be a retaliation, despite only visiting the city for the weekend.

Police said Steward Butler was behind the attack which took place on 5 April.

“He was traveling in the vehicle, he saw this, saw these two individuals walking, saw them give each other a kiss. He had the driver stop the car, he gets out, confronts him and said some choice, some bad choice words,” HPD Detective Chris Sperry said.

The incident is not treated as a hate crime, as the couple are not protected under state law.





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