Party campaigns in Coventry to ban gay adoption… but denies it is ‘homephonic’

Nick Duffy May 1, 2015
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A minor political party in Coventry has promised to “rescue” children being raised by same-sex couples and abolish same-sex marriage.

Leaflets were delivered in Coventry South on behalf of ‘Mainstream’, who are fielding candidate Chris Rooney – in which he pledges to “End same-sex adoption regardless of the couple’s lifestyle choice”, and to “abolish same-sex ‘marriage’”.

The leaflets direct to the party’s website, which was described as “sickening” by a PinkNews reader.

It says: “We would ban ANY same-sex pair (even if they were just two normal men, or two normal women, living together) – from adopting or fostering.

“Mainstream would rescue all those children already farmed-out by local councils to same-sex ‘couples’.”

The typo-ridden site denies the party is “homephonic”, adding: “No Mainstream is not frightened of these l . It’s the Establishment elite politicians – Cameron, Milliband [sic], Clegg – who ARE frightened of them.”

The party also claims it would void hundreds of marriages and civil partnerships and “get the institution of Marriage defined in the constitution”.

Elsewhere, Mainstream pledges to “ban same-sex kissing in soaps” – though it also pledges to ban news channels from having more than one newsreader.

Incredibly, Mr Rooney told the Coventry Telegraph: “I want to be the Coventry South MP because the voters here deserve to be represented by an MP who is in touch with people; not someone from the tired political establishment, who all seem to inhabit another planet.

“They want policies with popular support – not policies dredged up in some intellectual think-tank.”

The leaflet is below:

Party campaigns in Coventry to ban gay adoption… but denies it is ‘homephonic’Party campaigns in Coventry to ban gay adoption… but denies it is ‘homephonic’

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