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Kellie Maloney says a vote for UKIP would be ‘wasted’

Naith Payton April 29, 2015
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Former UKIP candidate Kellie Maloney wants people to vote for the Conservatives in the general election.

Speaking to Sky News, Ms Maloney – who stood for UKIP in the 2004 London mayoral elections – said she thinks UKIP were “not going to get enough seats to wield any power.

“The way to stop a Labour/SNP coalition is for Labour voters to switch and vote for UKIP.

“If we want to stop Labour and the SNP I think you’ve got to vote Tory. A vote for UKIP would be quite wasted, I believe.”

The former boxing promoter also spoke about problems UKIP faced in winning voters over: “They seem to have no control. Some of the stuff that comes out from some of the UKIP people – I mean no normal person in the street could accept that, and I think that is their downfall.

“It’ll be interesting if Nigel gets into the House of Commons. It’ll be quite fun I think.”

Speaking on trans issues, she said: “We are probably where the gay community were 25 years ago, and we can learn a lot from the gay community.

“But it would be nice to hear political parties speak up on civil rights and gender issues.”

In August last year, Ms Maloney said she didn’t think same-sex couples should raise children. 

She went on to warn UKIP, this year, not to become “cavemen” on LGBT rights issues.

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