Grammy nominated singer Hozier has made an impassioned video urging people to vote for marriage equality.

His video is part of the Straight Up For Equality campaign, which enourages straight people to vote for and speak up about equal marriage.

His song ‘Take Me To Church’, which protests religious homophobia, was the most streamed of 2014.

He says: “The movement for marriage equality has my full support.

“I think it’s [an issue] that reflects on all of us and its an issue that deserves everyone’s involvement.

“It’s imperative that the straight community shows support for the LGBT community on this issue, and makes a clear statement that we value the equal treatment of people on our shores.

“To anyone who is tired of sophistry, fear-mongering or outright deception of those who, under the guise of traditional family values, promote an irrational aversion to same-sex marriage or relationships – I encourage you to vote.”

Watch the full clip below:

The “Ring Your Granny” campaign encourages people to call their grandparents to ask them to vote Yes.

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