As you might have noticed – a couple of the stories posted earlier today might not be what they appeared.

Contrary to our April Fools’ Day report, Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg is not planning on joining Grindr to reach out to gay voters – though he will still be taking part in a Q&A with PinkNews later this month, assuming we didn’t upset him too much.

The story appeared on the Daily Politics show and the BBC News website, as well as the Guardian, Independent and Mirror – though some didn’t present it as a push to connect with gay voters.

We’d also like to reassure our readers – and thousands of teenage girls – that Olympic diver Tom Daley will not be giving up on his sport to join One Direction.

The diver – who was definitely not discovered belting out ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ in the shower by the band’s manager following a diving competition – played along with the joke, retweeting the story to his millions of followers.

Daley has previously lamented his inability to sing or dance – and the remaining members of the band will be continuing as a foursome after the (genuine) exit of Zayn Malik.

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