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This gay guy’s dad gave the response to his coming out that we would all love

Joseph McCormick February 18, 2015

A gay guy came out to his dad via text, and his dad’s response is just perfect.

New Zealand based Sean Bailey has been through a lot – in 2013 demonstrators gathered at a branch of McDonald’s to hold a “turn McDonald’s gay day”, after Bailey was told by his manager that he would be disciplined if he “turned anybody else gay oh shift”.

It emerged during a New Zealand protest against conditions for workers at fast food chain McDonald’s that gay staff members at one store faced discrimination and harassment, with Sean Bailey claiming several coworkers had left their jobs over the problem.

But later, Bailey posted a copy of the text he sent to his dad coming out, apparently worried about his reaction.

In the text, he wrote: “Well, dad… for a very long time my mind has been confused but I knew 2 years ago where I stand. I wanted to say that I love you heaps and that well… I am gay. It’s been really hard to tell you as everyone else in the family knows except you because to me it was going to be the hardest thing of my life was to tell you this sort of news.”

His father responded: “I think you under estimate my intelligence son. I’ve known for ages and it doesn’t worry me. As long as you’re happy, that’s all that matters. I still love you… cos you’re my son… unconditionally and never-ending.”

Speaking after the coming out, Bailey said: “I couldn’t stop crying because of what he had said but it was [happy] tears rolling down my face.”

Adding a message to anyone thinking of coming out, he said: “You will be loved for whoever you decide to be. Don’t hide who you are. Be the person you want to be and remember [you’re] not the only one.”

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