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Former BNP press officer: Stephen Fry and fiancé ‘should be arrested for outraging public decency’

Joseph McCormick January 9, 2015
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A former British National Party (BNP) press officer has said he thinks Stephen Fry and his fiancé Elliott Spencer “should be arrested for outraging public decency”.

A screenshot of an email sent by Dr Stuart Russell (also known as Dr Phill Edwards), was uploaded by writer Hannah Jane Parkinson who wrote an article for the Guardian defending relationships with a large age difference.

In it, Dr Russell, as well as calling for the couple to be arrested, wrote: “I dread to think what disgusting, unnatural and unhealthy practices this pair get up to.”


He wrote: “Your piece failed to mention the most salient point re Fry and his boyfriend – ie the disgusting reality of men having sex together. It was illegal before 1967, still condemned in the Bible and as far as I’m concerned the pair of them should be arrested for outraging public decency. I dread to think what disgusting, unnatural and unhealthy practices this par get up to.”

NB. Shortly before announcing their engagement, Fry and Spencer tweeted pictures of gingerbread men they had made, and pictures of the half eaten biscuits.


Ms Parkinson responded: “How lovely to hear from you! I really loved this email. But I’ve got a few quibbles. I don’t really think that’s a “salient” point as such, more of a massively prejudiced, homophobic point. But it’s ok, everybody makes mistakes. Indeed sex between men was illegal in the UK before 1967, but slavery wasn’t abolished until 1833, and guess what, I wouldn’t wanna go back to those halcyon days either.”

“Re: the Bible, the passages which homophobes quote in support of their stance are often misquoted or misinterpreted. And ‘don’t have gay sex’ isn’t included in the ten commandments is it? I reckon if God was like ‘urgh, gay sex is GROSS’, he probably would have found space for it. As for outraging public decency – I’m guessing that, being a former BNP press officer, your definition of the word ‘decency’ probably doesn’t fit with the consensus. … If you’re interested in how same-sex couples get buck wild (AMIRITE??) I am linking to Wiki articles on lesbian sexual practices and gay sexual practices.”

Stephen Fry, who was instrumental in advocating publicly for the introduction of same-sex marriage, announced earlier this week that he is to marry his boyfriend stand-up comedian Elliott Spencer.

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