Are you ‘highsexual’? Reddit invents new sexuality for ‘temporarily gay’ pot smokers

Nick Duffy January 4, 2015
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Users of internet hub Reddit have invented a new sexuality – for people who get ‘a bit gay’ when they take drugs.

A thread appeared on the platform last month to discuss the phenomenon of cannabis smokers displaying homosexual behaviours, titled “Weed makes me temporarily gay. Anyone else?”

The thread’s author wrote: “I’m quite a hardcore pothead… I feel very attracted to girls and not at all to men when sober, but when I get high I just want a big c**k to suck.

“Anyone else happens to have the same effects? Just curiosity, not that it really bothers me since I’m still attracted to girls while high, but I sometimes feel weirded by male friends with whom I don’t usually feel attracted to.”

A helpful user replied: “My circle calls this Highsexualism.

“You sir, are possibly a highsexual. If the parties involved are down AND on the same wavelength, whatever. When it has occurred it’s never been a big deal.”

The term highsexual has been present on Urban Dictionary since 2009 – but it appears to be the first time it has actually been used seriously. The concept has quickly spread across the site

A separate Reddit user worried: “Hey guys, just wondering if acid can reveal latent homosexuality? I just don’t want to end up choking on some other guy’s c**k on LSD in the woods, or taking a load to my face or something.”

However, not everyone is convinced by the theory.

User pokepat460 wrote: “Drugs force issues like sexuality to come up for some people, especially people struggling with it already.”

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