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What UKIP’s founder thinks of Farage, and 6 other stories you’ll want to read

Nick Duffy December 14, 2014

PinkNews brings you a roundup of news from the past seven days.

Here are some of the most widely read, and notable news stories from the past week which you may have missed.

1. The Salvation Army claimed its poor record on gay rights was a ‘myth’

An Australian Salvation Army chief suggested in 2012 that sexually active gay people should be put to death – while In March this year, a homeless trans woman was allegedly left on the streets in Dallas, after the Salvation Army refused her housing.

However, the organisation took issue with “untrue” accusations that it has problems with homophobia and transphobia – referring to claims as a “myth”.

It claimed: “We need your help in debunking the myth of LGBTQ discrimination. It can persuade people not to give, which in turn diminishes our resources and our ability to serve people in crisis.”

2. Labour candidate Emily Brothers made history when she came out as transgender

Disability campaigner Ms Brothers – who is also blind – came out as trans in an exclusive interview with PinkNews, ahead of standing for Parliament in Sutton and Cheam.

Ed Miliband said: So proud to have Emily Brothers as a Labour candidate. She is an important voice in our movement.

“Emily Brothers has long been a courageous campaigner on disability rights & now on trans issues too.”

3. Couples in civil partnerships could finally convert to marriages

Civil partners in England and Wales were finally given the go-ahead to marry, after the last parts of the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act came into effect.

Comedian Sandi Toksvig tied the knot again with her partner Debbie, while Mary Portas surprised her partner Melanie Rickey with an impromptu wedding.

4. An Exeter pensioner was mistakenly sent details about people’s gender reassignment

84-year-old former police officer Vic Kellagher was baffled to receive dozens of confidential letters – until he discovered he has a similar address to Exeter’s Specialist Gender Identity Clinic.

He said: “It was a bit of a shock and obviously those details were very personal and confidential.

“My obvious worry is that should this sort of information fall into the wrong hands then it would leave the person described open to blackmail.”

5. UKIP founder Alan Sked claimed the party is now motivated by homophobia and racism.

The LSE professor – who founded the party in 1993 – said: “The rise of UKIP has resulted, not from any talent displayed by its leadership (leader, I should say, since it is a one-man band and it is run strictly on the Fϋhrerprinzip).

“It is motivated largely by prejudices against foreigners, gays, and Muslims and is thoroughly reactionary.”

“It would like to restore Britain to its position in the 1950s, when she was a global power, with considerable armed forces, before the advent of mass coloured immigration, membership of the EEC and the sexual revolution.”

6. Nicola Sturgeon was announced as a witness for one of Scotland’s first same-sex weddings

The First Minister was invited by Susan and Gerrie Douglas-Scott to serve as their official witness, alongside Scottish Greens leader Patrick Harvie.

Susan Douglas-Scott said: “When we were planning our wedding we thought it would be lovely to invite Nicola [Sturgeon] and her husband to help us celebrate.

“Then we thought, why not ask Nicola to be a witness? She said she would be honoured.”

7. A French magazine ‘outed’ the deputy leader of a far-right party

Florian Philippot, the deputy leader of Front National, was outed by the French version of Closer magazine.

Mr Philppot is said to be considering legal action against the magazine, which printed revealing photos of him with another man, taken covertly with a long-lens camera.

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