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The man who will ‘stop’ same-sex marriage, and 6 other stories you might have missed this week

Nick Duffy November 23, 2014

PinkNews brings you a roundup of news from the past seven days.

Here are some of the most widely read, and notable news stories from the past week which you may have missed.

1. A Scottish by-election candidate pledged to ‘easily’ stop equal marriage

Independent candidate Philip Mitchell said in a leaflet for the Troup by-election: “If elected, I pledge to easily veto (with clear-lawfulness taking precedence over voting) Aberdeenshire Council Registrars from fraudulently issuing certificates of Marriage.

“My brother John and I have precisely unravelled the Government’s media-aided, treasonous-Police-allowed “same-sex marriage” corruption, serial-fraud, truth-hate crime.”

2. A former ‘ex-gay’ leader married a man

John Smid, who sat on the board of Christian ‘gay cure’ group Exodus International for 11 years, wed his same-sex partner Larry McQueen.

The pair live in Paris, Texas, but had to marry in neighbouring Oklahoma, as their own state maintains a same-sex marriage ban that Mr Smid himself once supported.

3. Stonewall CEO Ruth Hunt said she knows gay Premiership football players

The LGB charity head said: ““I think we are bit of a way off before a player is able to come out.

“Yes they exist. And what they say is that they are concerned about management, they are concerned about sponsorship and they are also concerned about the kind of abuse they would get from fans.”

4. The Transgender Day of Remembrance was marked across the world

Events were held to pay tribute to the 226 trans people who were murdered this year, just for being themselves.

226 transgender people were reportedly killed in the past 12 months – though statistics are unreliable, as most countries do not hold accurate data on transgender victims.

5. A Tory deputy chair claimed Pride was ‘a bunch of puffs mincing across town’

Liam Billington – of the Ashton-under-Lyne Conservatives – bemoaned charity funds going to a “party” full of “puffs mincing across Ashton”.

He later said: “I’m gay. No offence was meant. Tongue in cheek comment. Money should go to better causes than a pride event.”

6. A dead trans woman was dressed as a man for her open casket funeral

26-year-old Idaho woman Jennifer Gable, who worked for Wells Fargo as a customer service coordinator, died suddenly of an aneurysm last month.

However, friends who attended her funeral were disgusted to find that she had been prepared like a man – dressed in a suit, with her long hair cut off.

7. Mario producers revealed that Toad doesn’t have a gender

Koichi Hayashida, the director of a number of games in the Mario series, revealed the race of mushroom-like people was entirely genderless.

He said: “We never really went out of our way to decide on the sex of these characters, even though they have somewhat gendered appearances.”

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