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UKIP voters are the dullest in bed, researcher claims

Nick Duffy October 28, 2014
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UKIP voters are the dullest in bed, according to new research.

Nottingham politics professor Philip Cowley, of Nottingham University, claims that Nigel Farage’s UK Kingdom Independence Party are among the least adventurous in bed.

He made the claims in a new book, Sex, Lies and the Ballot Box.

Labour voters are more likely to enjoy role play, outdoor sex and fantasies – while Conservatives have more frequent, but less imaginative sex.

Liberal Democrats were found to be the “raunchiest lovers”, and are more likely to have tried bondage, or to have recorded a sex tape.

Meanwhile, UKIP voters are more likely to admit to being “lazy” in bed, and tend to ” avoid sex with younger partners”

Caron Lindsay of Lib Dem Voice wrote: “I find myself completely unsurprised by the findings that UKIP supporters have the most uninspiring sex lives.

“Can’t think why, apart from the fact that their politicians have the most appalling views about equality.

Of her own party’s label, she joked: “If only that would transfer into votes…”

Contributor Bernadeta Wilk told the Mirror: “Differences in personality, values and outlook expressed in politics are also found in many other parts of life, including the bedroom.

“Voters who prefer a stable and ordinary life appear to lean towards conventional sex and Conservative politics.

“Those who embrace the new and unconventional may be more attracted to aspects of left-wing politics as well as sexual experimentation.

“Politics divides don’t just reflect narrow differences of opinion about health policy or the deficit; they are also expressions of personality and outlook.”

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